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just like jon bon jovi did [Nov. 4th, 2006|02:18 am]
[Tags|, ]
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[listenin' to |"dance dance" by thalia]

i needed tonight. i needed to be in the same room as ang, rach, linds, ryno, matty, dan, asif, scarf, c-rad, and alfano (plus missy and chad and spence). i needed my old work crew. seriously.

i talked w/angela quite a bit. she's going to help me find a good therapist in the east lansing area that i can start going to. i'm really happy about that. i kept telling them more interesting things about my family and they were like god, thats insane. so thank goodness. i've been through so much this year, and i think therapy would help me like crazy. i can't even wait.

and i def. can't wait til monday for j.rod's bday! i am going to be his sober ride back to the CH so thats cool, plus everyone is gonna be there. fantastic. oh social life, i missed you...you definitely kept me saner than i have been these days.