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well tis been a bit, i figure i should say hey before i get to bed… - by now you've took what was to take... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 7th, 2006|01:16 am]

well tis been a bit, i figure i should say hey before i get to bed early (yes, pre-2am actually is early). i've pretty much just been working honestly. quite sad. went out monday night, that was a great time. dj dave was in town, j-rod was druuuunk and i had to drive him home, it was just a fun time :)

people at both jobs have been driving me crazy. the manager i love at aero is leaving in a few weeks and i am wicked bummed. especially since i know he's the only one who will actually give me a chance at promotion. tonight he let me count down the registers which is pretty illegal, but it was very cool. i love he trusts me to do shit like that. so after he leaves, and anna leaves its pretty much going to be a decision...should i stay or should i go. i am only going to stay if they start to increase my duties/give me a shot for the job that andy thinks he is getting. i am for sure leaving as soon as they promote andy, which he thinks will be right after the holiday, but i hear its not going to be for a while if it even does happen. i know that i have kim on my side too, she likes me. its just patrick pretty much, and patrick doesn't like me.

we are having a new years party here at the apartment. it will be a good time and you are all invited.

ok livejournal, why am i so not into you anymore? who knows. anyways, peace out.