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my life the next 2 weeks [Dec. 15th, 2006|01:24 am]

monday- work 9-4, 5-10
tuesday- work 9-4, 5-10
wednesday- work 9-4, 5-10
today-work 9-3, tutoring til 5:30, bar
tomorrow- work 9-4, 5-10:30ish
saturday- on call at work 2-7, then work from either 7-10:30 or 5-10:30 (depending on the on call)
sunday- work 5am-1pm, 3:30-9:30pm
monday- work 9-4, 5-10
tuesday- work 9-4, 5-10, BREATHE

wednesday-my first full weekday off (not counting the friday of chicago weekend or holidays) since early september. sleeping in, getting hair cut and dyed, finishing xmas shopping, cleaning up the place, wrapping presents, probably a nap, and doing a whole lot of NOTHING

thursday- work 9-3, tutoring til 5:30, then who knows what
friday- work 12-4, aero reunion bar night
saturday- work 9-4:30, go home, possible BR aero reunion night
sunday- hang out, go to my dad's that evening
monday- come home late morning to my mom's
tuesday- drive up to EL for 9-1 shift, then back to the 'nasty for family xmas party.
wednesday- nothing, possibly BR aero reunion night
thursday-back in the EL

yawn. night.