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you wouldn't like me if you met me - by now you've took what was to take... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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you wouldn't like me if you met me [Jan. 14th, 2007|01:24 am]
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[listenin' to |"nausea" by beck]

wow livejournal. its beena while. how have you been? i've been...well, busy!!! its been almost a month now, how nuts. i've been working a ton, not as much since the new year, but before that it was nuts. plus xmas and all that. crazy. some highlights of the last month maybe?

-xmas. spending time w/the family, buzz's pre-xmas party, just a good time in general. not as shitty as last year, but not the best. life goes on. i got a new camera thank jebus. and a dwarf hamster, who died from a respiratory problem. sigh, i will get a new one eventually, i'm still mourning simon, i got seriously attached to the lil guy :(

-new years eve party!! i was nervous about it not being that much fun, but so many people came and it was great! was single at midnight, but thats ok. was a great time, thanks to all who came.

-actually having time off. its insane. i had the whole day off today and didn't know what to do w/myself! hopefully a lot of job searching, being productive, and working out...which reminds me...

-buzz, jacki and i are tentatively going on a cruise june 16th-23rd. it will take us to belize, costa maya, cozumel, and nassau. so now, finally, after the failed diets and the eating disorders and the battling w/my weight for years, its time. i'm finally going to make a change, and i have the ultimate motivation!! i just got a gym membership and went for the first time today. i ran for like 20 minutes, which isn't much, but come on, i've ran one time since august! i bought a pilates tape too, which i've done a few times. i've never been this serious about losing weight, and i really hope i can fight through this!

other than that, not much going on. i'm going to be an aunt hopefully any hour now (due date is monday) and i can't wait, though there's a lot of sucky circumstances surrounding that. i'm hoping for the best for my bro though cuz i love the kid to death. i never go out ever anymore. its sad. last night i went out w/pete, jessica, and burinda, and hopefully going out tomorrow w/kevin and pete and who knows who else. and next friday will be fun. but damn, everyone got real lame once i graduated. OOOOOH i know what else, i have an interview tuesday to be the girls volleyball coach at williamston middle school. that'd be amazingly fun, and an extra 600 in the bank for the cruise!! good luck me on that!

well, just wanted to update y'all on the haps in my life. i'm gonna get to bed, gotta make it to the gym tomorrow before work :) night!

[User Picture]From: bigred183417
2007-01-16 10:00 pm (UTC)
glad to see you're doing alright and haven't died from all your jobs.
love ya honey. call me sometime, we'll go to the riv.
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