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another month and a half later, lol [Aug. 3rd, 2007|06:27 pm]
[feelin kinda |giddygiddy]
[listenin' to |"don't stop the music" by rihanna]

hey i've been busy, k? gimme a friggin' break :) i think like 2 people actually read this anyways so whatever :) its funny how much has changed just since my last update!

1. louhas is done. THANK JESUS!! went in to get my last paycheck the other day, everyone looked miserable and hanna wouldn't stop talking about what a bitch liz (the crazy new girl) is. this is the girl that was brushing her teeth in the lobby, laying on the counter because she "is so sexy", and was trying to hit on conrad like her 2nd hour working there, lol. thank GOD ITS OVER, and i even got a phone call from harry out of it, thanking me for all my hard work, and telling me he wishes me the best. i guess he's not such a bad guy afterall.

2. new job is going well. already being bumped to AM1 since michelle is leaving next week. kinda just got thrown in w/the wolves but its all working out ok. plus i got my first big girl paycheck today. HOLLAAAAA!!! oh and ps i'm not the sales lead, i interviewed so well my district manager just made me an assistant right away. cuz i'm kinda badass. a bit awkward for a bit w/mar-bear since she got demoted, then moved to a diff. store, but we're good now. hoo-ah.

3. i'm moving in less than 2 weeks!!! i can't even wait. tonight neighbor jodi and i went to the hobby lobby and bought a few things for decor (she's gonna help me paint and decorate once i move in) and i'm so excited. like seriously, can't WAIT!!!!

4. there may or may not sorta be a new boy. and not like everything for the past 3 years where i'm like ooh cute boy me likey and he just wants to sleep w/me. SO different from that. still very new and very unknown yet, but we did talk today about it and we both are very excited to get to know more of each other and spend more time together. it has been so long since i've had that. maybe nate? but even so, he wasn't as into me as i was him (of course he is now that he's moved to philly but thats besides the point). so this new thing is very exciting. but i will stop talking about that because i don't want to jinx anything, and like i said, its very new still. i'll keep y'all posted!

anyways, thats an update i guess. life is going to get crazy, since back to school shopping is in full swing and i'll be working lots of hours at work, plus trying to move and plan a birthday party at the same time. but i'll handle it, and i'll have fun :) but now its off to the bar w/neighbor jodi and maybe bryan too (weird, but we will be friends i swear). LOVE YOU ALL MUAH!!!!!