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for reasons unknown - by now you've took what was to take... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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for reasons unknown [Oct. 22nd, 2006|12:32 pm]
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[feelin kinda |bouncypretty damn good]
[listenin' to |"sam's town" by the killers]

my oh my, where on earth have i been. apologies for neglecting you LJ, apparently i have been a busy girl!! lets see, what have i been up to...

-grad school fair, only to find out that i may or may not have to retake a class to get in, plus track down 3 letters of recommendation. i think i have 3-4 profs who would write them for me, but i should probably do that soon so they won't forget who i am, haha. plus i need to take the GRE. damn. sucktastic.

-went to the bar w/my christopher. missed my boy like crazy. so that was fun, plus joe is home from the navy so that was a good time. there has been talk about getting the WHOLE crew together sometime around xmas (chris, joe, D, brian, eric, kirsten, rachel, and everyone else that always went out last fall). obviously i'm organizing that, haha.

-working like a lunatic. 30-40 hours a week at LH, plus in the next few weeks i'm gonna start working every night at aero. so basically my schedule every weekday (except thursday) will be 9-4 LH, and 5-11 aero. money money money money...MONEY!! work has been cool though, esp. last night at aero w/andy and mary. cuz me and mary are just nuts, and andy and i flirt like theres no tomorrow. good times. the LH has been driving me mad lately due to the slacker boys i work with, but mama is helping me stay sane, plus working w/people like ry bannan or j-rod make me feel better cuz they help out a ton.

-i enjoy thursdays. tutoring is always fun (last thursday charles and i went to the skating rink...lemme tell ya you missed out on some humorous moments there!), and then grey's night w/the girls. i like that the 3 of us always set aside that night to get together. i miss living w/those 2 a whole bunch, but at least i know we always have thursdays to go out to eat, drink wine, tye-dye, watch grey's and ER, and chat. and make fun of karen falling asleep like an old lady ;)

-my car is fixed. thank god. 140 dollars later, thank you jerk in the SUV who can't stay in his own lane. got my halloween costume too. "glam pirate" is the title i gave it. friggin' awesome. anything that involves pink, sequins, and pirates is fantastic. :)

-this has been a pretty decent weekend really. home friday night, got to sleep w/the puppy, worked saturday so chris could go to the tigers game, hung out w/mike last night, today going to the cider mill w/the ladies and i'm sure a bunch of other people, then tonight is mason's case/party bus. can't even wait for that. mary is coming w/me, plus all my hooligans from the LH. hurray :)

anyways, thats a small update for now. you know how to find me ;)