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2 month review - by now you've took what was to take... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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2 month review [Sep. 26th, 2007|10:56 pm]
[Current Location |in my sweats]
[feelin kinda |happyhappy]
[listenin' to |"falling or flying" by grace potter]

its basically been 2 months since i wrote last, and before i pass out in a cold medicine induced coma i thought i'd say hello :) well lets see, what the heck is new. work has calmed down slightly since BTS season is finally over. thank jebus, what a mess that was at times!! our meeting tuesday went well i thought, and i'm excited to be working w/dre and crys. i am getting sent over to eastwood for like 3 days coming up, since keri will be on vaca. i'm kinda scurred about it, not gonna lie. its just gonna be weird. i mean obviously i miss working there, i worked there for almost 3 years so it was like my second home, but i am definitely happy where i am now. i feel like my job now is more of a challenge to me, which is hopefully pushing me to be better. but its just gonna be weird not just being back at my old store, but being in a different position. anyways, work work work, blah blah blah. haha.

i love my new apartment. its still not totally unpacked/decorated/settled yet. i'm working on it k? geez :) i still want to paint, i still need to unpack things and organize it. but i love it. living on your own definitely gets lonely though. when i'm not at work i'm usually just here hanging out. but hopefully friday i'm gonna get my EL library card, and that will give me something to do :)

for the first time in 3 years i am no longer single. how weird is that. i'm finally starting to get used to calling someone my boyfriend, but it was weird for a while. last weekend helped. ah, last weekend. met the parents, the brothers, the friends, the grandparents, etc. oh yah. talk about pressure, haha. it was great though. and it was just so nice to hear all these people call me his girlfriend. kinda helped me get that through my head, haha. no but seriously though, things are going just great. i only see him 2-3 times a week, which sucks, but then again i just look forward to when i do see him that much more. but really though, i'm more and more into him all the time. he's sweet, funny, gorgeous, tall, just a great person. so i'm excited to see where this goes.

so i guess despite all the normal stress and drama that still remains in my life, i'm kinda almost happy for once. and let me tell you, i sure missed that. a lot. its a pretty fantastic feeling. so, yay :)

anyways, i'm pretty sick w/a cold and my 2 straight days off from work ends tomorrow afternoon so i'm gonna go try and pass out. lata kids :)